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Versace Collection Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

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British model Edward Wilding reunites once more with the house of Versace to appear in the spring/summer 2014 look book of the brand’s Versace Collection line. Finding inspiration in the label’s archives, Versace Collection’s spring offering, revisits some of the brand’s iconic features, like opulent prints, rich sorbet colors and tailored ensembles, projecting them in a new direction, thanks to precise cuts, innovative fabrics and modern volumes and proportions. Sharp two-piece suits in neutral tones or in more lively sorbet nuances, printed silk shirts and bomber jackets are just some of the standout pieces of the whole collection, while on the accessories field, metallic accents, patent leather shoes and suede sandals come up beside capacious leather and canvas handbags or with more working-oriented iPad cases.

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