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HOT BEACH realizado por Thi Martini e Simone Fransisco

27112013-_MG_9544 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-27 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-31 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-59 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-65 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-68 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-70 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-76 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-79 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-80 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-83 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-87 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-91 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-97 27112013-Grumari-Réjis Balcasse-99 Rejis Balcasse_0011 Rejis Balcasse_0018 Rejis Balcasse_0031 Rejis Balcasse_0042 Rejis Balcasse_0044-2 Rejis Balcasse_0049 Rejis Balcasse_0070 Rejis Balcasse_0073 Rejis Balcasse_0086 Rejis Balcasse_0091 Rejis Balcasse_0092 Rejis Balcasse_0103 Rejis Balcasse_0107 Rejis Balcasse_0118-2 Rejis Balcasse_0126

Thi Martini and Simone Fransisco united strengths to work together for this essay entitled HOT BEACH, starred by Brazilian sexy newcomer Rejis Balcasse wearing ES Collection Brazil swimsuit and CK Undies, contrast in a beautiful and very well edited black and white photography and we can appreciate natural Brazilian Beaches.

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