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 SOAP OPERA Episode #1: Miss America Commits Suicide

Episode#2: MR AMERICA

Obsessing with Max Papendieck, yes WE could watch him all day and night long, in fact we really want to see him in some kind of Police serie, or doing erotic artistic films like this. Once again we have our big mouths open. Joe Lally did it again, and never stops. Filming Papendieck for StudioShow, the first part called SOAP OPERA Episode #1: Miss America Commits Suicide and the second part is Episode#2: MR AMERICA.

Filmmaker and regular contributor Joseph Lally pioneers a new take on the SHOWstudio film series: an exclusive, artistic soap opera. The series will be, in his words, ‘a Warholian epic of people of the worst morals going under a breakdown.’ Expect sex, nudity and violence, as well as poetic moments, in this rolling black and white series.

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