Obsession #6 Max Papendieck by Daniel Jaems

Photographer Daniel Jaems is back with yet another installment of his Obsession series. This time around, Jaems connects with Top model Max Papendieck, who truly doesn’t hold back. Captured in a mix of black & white and color photos, Max shows off his chiseled assets as it’s only him and the camera.


 SOAP OPERA Episode #1: Miss America Commits Suicide Episode#2: MR AMERICA Obsessing with Max Papendieck, yes WE could watch him all day and night long, in fact we really want to see him in some kind of Police serie, or doing erotic artistic films like this. Once again we have our big mouths open. Joe…

A Guy Named Max

More of model Max Papendieck‘s posing for A Guy Named Maxstory captued by photographer Skye Tan.

Max Papendieck by Alvin Kean Wong

Photographer Alvin Kean Wong hits the waves for a striking beach story starring model Max Papendieck at Ave, in an exclusive for Male Model Scene.