What’s new worldwide of luxury watches?

What’s new worldwide of luxury watches? However some would say the industry still hasn’t fully recovered through the worldwide economic crisis of 2008, others see signs of incredible new life and vitality. This has been especially true in the explosion of interest in the entry-level price points. No better example is available than the edgy and industrial-looking seven friday watch models. The resurgent demand for the lower price watches has been met with equally strong entries within the higher ranges. Let’s have a look at two great examples of both.


Montblanc Meisterstuck Heritage Perpetual Calendar

From the higher range, just about every watch reviewer is impressed by this new offering from the Swiss/German company Montblanc. A new CEO is breathing new life into the old brand and his design team has answered his demand change. This impressive new perpetual calendar gives Montblanc a superb mid-range watch to match their strong entry-level watches. The price is shockingly reasonable for a perpetual calendar at about $13,000. It’s a beautiful watch that many happen to be comparing to both Jaeger-Patek and LeCoultre Philippe…and that’s not a bad thing.


SevenFriday P1

The initial, flagship SevenFriday watch-the P1- is still new enough to get our juices flowing, and it might be one of the coolest watches extant for less than $2000. The company describes their design focus in creating the P1 as being the “impressive mechanical display of visual complications” and adds it’s also about “transporting the power of the engine for the surface.” They manage to hit all the right notes with all the P1. They did a wonderful job of bringing the “engine”-the movement-towards the “surface” or dial of the watch. Which they managed to accomplish it with an entry-level price point in a watch that looks like some industrial art is much more impressive.

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