Very proud to introducing the NEW FACE for Fashionably Male, introducing Spanish beauty model and actor Alejandro Corzo in a stunning photography at Rio de Janeiro captured by talented Guilherme Licurgo. We chatted a lit bit with Alejandro who he’s recently Nominated as “Best Video” World Music Awards 2014 for Elissa – Te3ebt Mennak.

Fashionably Male: Hi and thank you so much for being the New Face for Fashionably Male, where are you living right now?

Alejandro Corzo:

I have no fixed abode
let’s say between the U.S., Europe and Brazil
each week in a different country almost
sometimes several countries a week haha
I work as an actor / model

FM: We see you are focused on your career as a model and actor, (mentionned before your nomination for Best Music Video in the World Miusic Awards) that’s big words, how do you feel?

AC: Awesome! Imagine, the video of Elissa has broken record hits on youtube, and is on track to 13 million in just five months, and the video for Burcu Gunes it was like the Elissa for weeks as number 1 in the Top 40 . And just being nominated in the WMA makes me very happy, a great reward for the work we have done the whole team.

Alejandro Corzo1

FM: And about your modeling career, how does agencies treating you? What are your plans?

AC: Better than ever, traveling directly by direct bookings, the only country in which I remain a little more time is in Milan. I’ve always had very good relationship with all my agencies. My plans now continue my work as a model, and am preparing a paper in a New York movie, several shows and we are preparing another film in which I am the principal actor, a dream come true.

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Alejandro Corzo2

FM: Congratulations, you’re lucky! You must be very happy and fulfill your dreams, How you do to keep your feet on the ground and not lose them.

AC:  I consider myself lucky, but nobody has given me anything! I have received many “No” before receiving all good.

FM: Hard beginnings ?

AC: If, when I started with fashion was very young, and where I lived (Asturias) there was not enough work, so I had to work as a Barman to get more revenue. Then when I moved to Madrid and I could fully devote to fashion / Starring in and out of Spain.Alejandro Corzo3

FM: You’re a lovely guy, and 100% professional wrestler, besides having a beautiful face and an enviable body, any recommendation for all the guys who want to have a healthy and attractive figure as you have.

AC: Thank you very much. The only advice I give is two words: discipline and desire. But you feel like it’s hard enough to have discipline with diet and exercise, many actors / models say no because dieters have good genetics …… well … I am among those who have to close the mouth and go to the gym like the rest of mortals.Alejandro Corzo4

FM: Any advice to all the guys who are starting in the world of modeling?

AC: Yes, most of the models that start will torment trying to get a body or factions supposedly the model should have, I think it’s totally wrong, what sells each of us is not only beauty but largely charisma and personality, many children fail to succeed for the simple fact that constantly act or mimic other models, I think that the more natural and simple is your behavior closest’ll be people, and therefore more will be identified with you.Alejandro Corzo6

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FM: Alejandro, a few words for your fans who are following you and are on the lookout for your career as a model and actor.

AC: The fact that the media support that I have, both in the media and social networking is huge, I can only thank each and every one of them for always being there for me and for taking the time. I love them.

Fashionably Male: Thank you so so much for this, you are a true leader,  also a beautiful session with Guilherme Licurgo which is an amazing photographer.

This is the video where he’s nominated you can VOTE HERE!


Alejandro Corzo
Gijón (Asturias) – Spain
Occupation: Actor/Model
Years Active: 2000 – Present
International actor, fashion model, and journalist Alejandro Corzo Suarez began his career at a young age with the support of his mother, herself a former model, from the Northern Spanish province of Asturias. His talent and good looks soon took him to Madrid, and beyond when he represented Spain in Mister World Pacific. Alejandro has since been featured in numerous fashion editorials, and commercials from Europe to Asia, and the Middle East.
He has been featured in music videos with American rap artist Snoop Dog, Lebanese super star Elissa, and the Turkish singer Burcu Güneş.
Alejandro continues to work with some of the best photographers in the world and is dedicated to expanding his acting career.

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