Pull & Bear Spring/Summer 2014

pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-001 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-002 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-003 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-004 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-005 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-006 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-007 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-008 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-009 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-010 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-011 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-012 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-013 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-014 pull-and-bear-spring-summer-2014-campaign-photos-015

Calling upon models Janis AncensTravis Smith and Nicola Wincenc for their spring/summer 2014 advertising campaign, Pull & Bear hits up a retro getaway for a charming new outing. Featuring fashions with a subtle tropical flair, faded prints and versatile pieces provide for a wardrobe of opportunity. Providing for everything from casual days around town to afternoons at the beach, swimwear, sporty essentials and accessories come together for an inspiring outing. Photography by Xevi Muntané.

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