Kirill Dowidoff & Serge Dimitroff For ES Collection Russia

Kirill-Dowidoff-and-Serge-Dimitroff-for-ES-Collection-Russia-01 Kirill-Dowidoff-and-Serge-Dimitroff-for-ES-Collection-Russia-02 Kirill-Dowidoff-and-Serge-Dimitroff-for-ES-Collection-Russia-03 Kirill-Dowidoff-and-Serge-Dimitroff-for-ES-Collection-Russia-04 Kirill-Dowidoff-and-Serge-Dimitroff-for-ES-Collection-Russia-05 Kirill-Dowidoff-and-Serge-Dimitroff-for-ES-Collection-Russia-06 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Russia-01 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Russia-02

Stunning Russian model Kirill Dowidoff brings along his equally gorgeous fellow Russian model friend Serge Dimitroff in a striking ES Underwear promotional set captured by photographer Konstantin Xaas.

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  1. WTF!! this is plagiarism, and very bad. too noticeable processing photoshop. I am very upset((((

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