Eliran Nargassi menswear photographed by Shai Borochov

Yuval Out 1-3 Yuval Out 2-2 Yuval out 2-5 Yuval out 3-1 Yuval out 3-3a Yuval out 4-1 Yuval out 4-2 Yuval out 5-2 Yuval out 5-4

Model fresh face Yuval Refael Kdoshim,  strikes a pose for a new photo study by photographer Shai Borochov. Boasting stunning features and a youthful attitude akin to the Eliran Nargassi designing clean and minimalistic wardrobe, (The Golden Jacket is a unique item he made) styling with shoes by Oded Arama. The shoot is an editorial featuring Eliran Nargassi and also one of a kind pieces he made.

Photography: Shai Borochov www.shaiborochov.com
Model: Yuval Refael Kdoshim www.yuligroup.com
Shoes: Oded Arama www.so-arama.com
Clothes: Eliran Nargassi www.elirannargassi.com

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