SixLee Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

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Picking up where the last collection left off, SixLee continues the theme of love, looking to the work of painter Andy Denzler for inspiration. Denzler’s work blends reality and abstraction, creating paintings that are like distant memories; a paused film still and a sweeping abstraction. Focusing on the imprint left on our hearts when people enter and exit our lives; having a profound impact, whether it is physically, spiritually or emotionally, the collection continues the use of fine tailoring influenced by 19th century English aristocracy and infuses it with Tibetan references for a new silhouette.

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  1. […] SixLee continues its collaboration with Spanish Artist Ernesto Artillo, resulting in a striking fall/winter 2014 campaign. Artillo, who specializes in collages mirrors the inspirations of SixLee’s fall collection in his work. Blending reality and abstraction, the most recent range is inspired by the work of painter Andy Denzler and a study of human relationships. View SixLee’s fall/winter 2014 look book here. […]

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