brownie & blondie Spring/Summer 2014

Fabrice Couturier, who is known for his technical and creative excellence, has founded the unisex label Brownie and Blondie in 2011. Under his creative direction, Brownie and Blondie evolves its high-fashion perspective, combining french couture precision tailoring with breakthrough fabrics and a streetwear/rock attitude. This translates as using i.e. sport performance and city exclusive double-face fabrics or a hot-melt laminating of a elegant wool fabric with washable leather.

Colourful and energetic the smart androgynous aesthetics of the collections gives the wearer a bold presence without looking contrived or overdone reflecting movement, functionality, wearability and comfort.

The brand is built upon having distinct gender independent collections, which offer high quality clothing as well as an unique brand universe. Therefore Brownie and Blondie is positioned as an unisexe high fashion city casual streetwear brand and is producing three lines; T-Shirt line, Main line and the avantgarde line.

Whilst the T-Shirt line and the main line is distributed over adequate multilable stores, the avantgarde line can be ordered only over the atelier. The main line will be presented twice a year in Paris over the Lakic Showroom (the cooperation partner of Blanc+Ençens GmbH) and later on also on regional trade fairs such as Bread and Butter.

Blanc+Ençens GmbH is representing the label and its three lines worldwide. Blanc+Encens was founded in 2010 and is specialized in growing fashion and design brands from relative obscurity to become known in the fashion and luxury markets. The agency believes in a unique style of brand building that encompasses individual press strategies, sales relationships, brand management and international growth to help meet and exceed their clients’ goals.

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  1. Похоже это напридумывала девушка…, симпатично)))

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