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Dashing Spanish model Aaron Benito posing for an eloquent session by photographer Adolfo López. The promising male model is represented by Moises Creative MGT. All this incredible portrait and fancy models you may find at modelos.fandi.es

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  1. Someone has to say it, I get the feeling European and some American Photographers still think it’s sexy to take pic’s of Models smoking. . WRONG! It’s disgusting and take it from a Avid smoker. Seriously the guy looks as if he has never smoked or held a cigarette in his life so, why promote smoking at all.

    He’s truly a very handsome fellow with a healthy sculpted physique and in no need of props like cigarettes to make us like him anymore. If I was to hire a Male model for any shoot unless it was for a cigarette advertisement I wouldn’t hire him, the smell of cigarettes on my clothing, no way.

    Especially when he’s trying to break in the modeling biz I don’t recommend smokers to any clients, it’s just wrong in so many levels. Just saying, I’ve seen others do the same and by no means want to single out anyone in particular. But, seriously I see models with cigarettes I quickly give the job to a NON smoker.

    Otherwise Aviel is gorgeous.

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