‘Fashion On The Couch’ Presents Exclusive Interview with Luizo Vega

Exclusive interview with Luizo Vega –“The moralistic connotations, I do not care.”

Introducing to Fashionably Male for the very first time to the artist, performer, model and photographer based in Paris Luizo Vega. This interview was executed by Parisian Stephen Dastugue for fashion blog “Fashion On The Couch“. And they kindly shared this interesting interview with this Parisian local guy who’s everybody’s talking about nowadays.

luizo vega
Robert Bartholot for Diesel Art Berlin

Fashion On The Couch: Who is Luizo Vega?

Luizo Vega: “A man who would become Art”.

FOTC: Your Child

LV: “I grew up in a small city of Cordoba in Argentina where nature is exuberant. I studied art at the age of five years. And at the age of thirteen that I started practicing athletics by becoming South American champion when I arrived in Buenos Aires. In my eighteen years I began my career as a performer. “

FOTC: Your fears and traumas…

LV: “In fact, I try to confront my fears through my performances. Thus, I oppose ridicule, pain, rejection, sudden death … I can not say they disappear, but it is true that it allows me to demystify.
Otherwise, my religious training has always been a great inspiration to me. Martyrdom and the challenge of civilization mainly. The search for the sacred through the desecration give in its entirety. I think the fact that I was born on a 24th December predestined me somehow. “

FOTC: – You have 666 tattooed on your neck, this is the number of the beast according to the Apocalypse … Satan. You talk about Lucifer. Why?

LV: “Legends of Christianity fascinate me, especially Luficer, the perfect being, the favorite of God, of great beauty and unequaled power. He should decide to take his own way, and separate from father to break with this link, which gave place to a war, a revolution. He then grabbed the third of the angels, to create its own version of Eden. How could I not be fascinated? Moralistic connotations, I’m crazy. Besides, you know, I do not believe in good or evil. “

luizo vega2
Santo the Obscene by Bruce LaBruce

“The universe does not need moral. This is several years after putting tattooed 666 I discovered the theory of apocatastasis Origen. This is when everything took on a new meaning for me. “

luizo vega3
666 by Pierre et Gilles

FOTC: – You have (tattoo) one also on the chest … Gestation your Art … This is art incarnate even shamanism …?

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LV:My tattoo is a star in a circle. This is a pentagram in a circle.  About shamanism, it is not something that represents me. In my case it’s more a matter of ritual. My work always begins with visions I transcribed the actual plan to give them life. All my achievements are the result of hidden-related readings numerology, hermeneutics and the metaphase to the symbology Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek mainly. “

FOTC: What is your fight? – Enunciation – Your artistic references – Your work, your projects.

LV: “My fight is based on freedom of expression. Censorship is imposed by the social boundaries by political and religious entities. Also by an internal struggle that turns over the years : Am I the same ? I ‘m better than before?
My references are of the order of classical mythology. I am inspired by masters such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Canova, Delacroix. I am also impressed by the work of Damien Hirst, Vanessa Becroft and especially David Lynch. Photography undoubtedly Newton and Herb Ritts. I also references to pop with Warhol and Madonna: My mother.
I’m just finishing a film took twelve years to complete the shoot, the bastard son that Madonna had her sixteen years in Michigan and put up for adoption .
“The Material Man” is a film which I am the protagonist and I head, with the participation of Pierre et Gilles, Rossy de Palma and Bruce LaBruce . With this project I launched my Studio V Paris .
In addition, my team has just finished filming ” Sangra Tango” . This is an art film which I am also the lead actor and I head to the side this time with Staiv Gentis collaboration featuring the designer Rick Owens.
My next project is a feature film ” Santo the Obscene ” Bruce LaBruce wrote to me and was shot entirely in a monastery in the south of France during the month of April.
These are my current projects in the meantime I continue my work on my project NAKED worldwide . It is based on Madonna SEX book . I realize for 10 years . Through this experience I question the freedom of establishment and the male nude by bodily expression in sensitive and historic sites as an aesthetic and political challenge around the world. “

Jesus Lucia in Coliseum Rome
Jesus Lucia in Coliseum Rome

FOTC: What is your relationship with censorship? When you do a performance, a photo, video…


LV: “Censorship is a part of my work since the beginning and continues to be now. I try not to think when I’m at the stage of creation, but ultimately it is always there. For example, I realized the new version of “Prometheus” for Pierre et Gilles. This is a naked frontal and media refuse to publish. Same with my performance NAKED performed in front of Notre Dame and the Vatican in particular. They have ever been reported by the media. “

FOTC: Your work is often erotic, yet when one perceives your sex, it becomes something like a vase …

LV: “Eroticism is essential in the history of art and humanity. I like the classic eroticism and also extreme portraits by Robert Mapplethorpe. Currently I am working on “Pecador”, an erotic book alongside the talented artist Mr. Michal Konsevicz I am very interested in exploring the aesthetic boundaries related to sexuality and intimacy between people. About being nude, I have no problem with full nudity. “

 luizo vega by luizo vega
luizo vega by luizo vega

FOTC: Galleries must be willing to present your work? They tell you what they want exactly?

LV: “For the first time I feel that my time has come to expose. I have a collection of thousands of photos and hundreds of videos. I’m ready for a new stage. I hope to soon find a gallery that dares to represent my work, uncensored and with conviction. I never sold again. My art is pure.”

Michal Konsewicz in Musee Rodin
Michal Konsewicz in Musee Rodin

FOTC: How long it takes you so you know exactly what you want to do for performance?

LV: “Time is relative. Actual crucifixion for me I prepared for four years. For bare of Rodin’s Thinker it took me a month.
What does not change is the intensity. I become obsessive towards performance. So I do everything necessary to ensure that the ‘image’ I have in mind is very faithful to the position that I am in reality.”

FOTC: Can you say something about Liberty?

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LV: “Freedom is only a utopia. How can we be free in this universe borrowing cosmic laws? In any case this is a beautiful utopia. I give my life for freedom!”

FOTC: Are there no internal struggle? Ethics against desire to shock…

LV: “When I started with my projects in South America, I always went to the confrontation, to shock. Over the years, I begin to understand that art can be an intimate and profound experience.
I think it would be very easy to generate a scandal every week, but I’m not interested in that. I think it’s much more important to show the quality, purity energy in an artwork. To succeed without generating violence or offend anyone. This is done to explore the democratic freedom. “

Ana Ventura in Atelier Musee du Louvre
Michal Konsewicz in Musee Rodin

1 If you were meaning?
The heart of apocatastasis.

2 If you were a religious relic?
The Holy Grail.

3 If you could fall in love with a picture?
Flower Mappletorphe.

4 If you were a figment of the imagination?

5 If you were a male quality?

6 If you were a feminine quality?

7 If you were able to forge?
A big studio film productions, without any kind of censorship.

8 If you lived a meeting?
With my soul mate.

9 If you were perfect happiness?
Playing with my fifty dogs in the sea!

10 If you could be in 20 years?
A very strong man, naked in nature.

Ana Ventura in Atelier Musee du Louvre
Ana Ventura in Atelier Musee du Louvre

Merci beaucoup this is an Exclusive Interview made by Parisian Stephen Dastugue for Fashion on the Couch. Thank you to Luizo Vega for this special moment. 

Translation by Fashionably Male.

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  3. […] Konsewicz, entitledSangra Tango two players presenting eroticism and brotherhood male models Luizo Vega and Staiv Gentis wearing Rick Owens wardrobe. Located at ®Studio V Paris. Models: Luizo Vega […]

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