Reuben Ramacher by Leon Mark

Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy1 Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy2 Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy3 Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy4 Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy5 Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy6 Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy7 Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy8 Reuben-Ramacher-by-Leon-Mark_fy91

Model Reuben Ramacher photographed by Leon Mark and styled by Ruben Moreira with pieces from Givenchy for the Spring/Summer 2014 cover story of Commons&Sense Man.

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