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Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

It’s LA personal trainer and Crossfit enthusiast, Ted Maher. You may have seen him in his Mr Turk swimwear on Instagram, he’s @trainerted. When Ted isn’t helping other people attain their optimum fitness level, he’s usually working on his own body.

A native of Minnesota, Ted has a winning look that comes not just from exercise but also from his Irish, Native American and Swedish heritage.

Ted is currently training to gain a spot in the Crossfit regionals which are fast approaching. He works out with a team at Brick Los Angeles a very competative gym.

Ted isn’t only about working out, he also loves to travel. One of his favorite travel destinations is India, which he recently visited. He’s a big sushi lover and he enjoys doing handstands at the beach or anywhere else. Thanks Ted for looking so good in Mr Turk.

The Official Mr Turk Facebook Page. Official Trina Turk Page: http://www.facebook.com/trinaturk

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