Celso Carvalho by Jr. Becker

celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-01 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-02 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-03 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-04 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-05 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-06 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-07 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-08 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-09 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-10 celso-carcalho-by-jr-becker-11

Brazilian hottie Celso Carvalho model photographed by Jr. Becker. Captured in São Paulo, the model of 1.88 m height is represented by Ford Models … Check out other photographer’s images on tumblr.

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