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Obsession No#19 with Ignacio Ondategui by Daniel Jaems

Photographer Daniel Jaems gives his popular and stunning series Obsession No#19 starring by model Ignacio Ondategui exclusive images for FTAPE.

Ignacio modeling pieces from Charlie by MZ, Daniel Garofali Underwear and swimwear by Torcasio.

Few weeks ago, presented Ignacio in The Model Wall and an exclusive interview.

Obsession No#19… Ignacio Ondateguiignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems2ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems3ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems4ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems5ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems6ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems7ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems8ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems9ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems10ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems11ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems12ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems13ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems14ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems15ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems16ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems17ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems18ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems19ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems20ignacio-ondategui-by-daniel-jaems21



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