New ChrisSalvatoreUnderwear™are here!

Blue_Boxer_Lifestyle Bubblegum Pink Boxer 3 HighRes Bubblegum Pink Brief HighRes Classic Brief 2 HighRes Classic Brief HighRes Lemon Ice Brief HighRes Lil Black Boxer HighRes Lil Black Brief HighRes Nautical Brief HighRes Nautical Brief Product Info Randy Red 2 Boxer HighRes Randy Red Boxer HighRes Super Hero Blue Brief HighRes

Model and entrepreneur Chris Salvatore has launched its line of men’s underwear, this past February, and now he updates his underwear line with more items and new ideas developed and designed for comfort and support for men only, with cute designs, cute colors and an attractive exclusive seamless support new item Nautical Brief. His campaign was photographed by his friend the talented Gabriel Gastelum.

I added new colors to the line:  Bubblegum Pink, Randy Red, Super Hero Blue, Black and Lemon Ice! 

I’m also debuting an Exclusive new design feature in the Nautical Brief, the Double Support Pouch.

I didn’t really like the underwear I saw that tried to incorporate a c0ckr1ng feature.  I get that they those are supposed to “enhance” your assets, but they’re just not comfortable! The Nautical Briefs Double Support Pouch does exactly what it says.  It gives your Captain and the First Mates a comfy lil pouch to chill in.

Check out http://www.chrissalvatoreunderwear.com

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