Zara Men’s Swim Trunks

zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-001 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-002 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-003 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-004 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-005 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-006 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-007 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-008 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-009 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-010 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-011 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-012 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-013 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-014 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-015 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-016 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-017 zara-mens-swim-trunks-photos-018

Zara men’s swim trunks executed with a short retro-inspired cut and boasting an array of prints from subtle to bold, Zara’s summer offering is undoubtedly on-trend with the season. Whether taking in a day at the beach with friends or lounging poolside, swim trunks add a welcomed splash of personality with prints that include batik, tropical and striped variations.

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