Jamie Clarke by Gavin Harrison

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Great editorial  of the great British artists of photography and painting, the always innovative Gavin Harrison. With the attractive model Jamie Clarke, wearing hot pieces with brands like Modus Vivendi, Topman, Envy, 2(x)ist, Andrew Christian, Armani Vintage, Calvin Klein, AMU, James Tudor, Aussiebum, among others. Under a theme based  ‘Graffiti’ couch by artist Tim Powel with many sprays and full of colors where Jamie Clarke posing around, while showing us the latest trends in underwear for men. Jamie Clark seductive beauty and genius of the great Gavin Harrison.

This is an exclusive for Blake Magazine issue 62


Photography by Gavin Harrison https://www.facebook.com/GavinHphotography

Assistant: Chris Tilley

Model: Jamie Clarke

Make-up by Carl Lickman

Graffiti artist by Tim Powel (Yaypa)

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    • Gavin Harrison,Jamie Clarke did a fotoshoot and was wearing a stars vand stripes swimwear ,can you give me the Brand of them?

  1. […] recently underwear shoot by UK based photographer Gavin Harrison featuring with muse male model Jamie Clarke represented by Model Union London in an exclusive for Miami Living Magazine, a high-end quarterly […]

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