Bo Roberts for N2N Bodywear

Bo-Roberts-for-N2N-Bodywear-Spring-2014-01 Bo-Roberts-for-N2N-Bodywear-Spring-2014-02 Bo-Roberts-for-N2N-Bodywear-Spring-2014-03 Bo-Roberts-for-N2N-Bodywear-Spring-2014-04 Bo-Roberts-for-N2N-Bodywear-Spring-2014-05 Bo-Roberts-for-N2N-Bodywear-Spring-2014-06 Bo-Roberts-for-N2N-Bodywear-Spring-2014-07 Bo-Roberts-for-N2N-Bodywear-Spring-2014-08

The stunning Bo Roberts is the new face of N2N Bodywear for Spring 2014. Shot by talented Gabriel Goldberg, the brand’s latest designs include bold and colorful stripes from the California Dreamin’ collection, branded “Made in Los Angeles”.

And also Bo is ready to expand into Video production at Los Angeles. You shall check this out.

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