Samuel Vieira by Jeff Segenreich

In a another words this is a stunning portrait to update a portfolio and a very good work from photographer Jeff Segenreich who shot Brazilian sensation Samuel Vieira. #HappyHumpDay #Braziliansdoitbetter

Samuel Vieira448A3206 Samuel Vieira448A3225 Samuel Vieira448A3227 Samuel Vieira448A3245 Samuel Vieira448A3250 Samuel Vieira448A3267 Samuel Vieira448A3285 Samuel Vieira448A3294 Samuel Vieira448A3302 Samuel Vieira448A3306 Samuel Vieira448A3312 Samuel Vieira448A3322 Samuel Vieira448A3327 Samuel Vieira448A3332 Samuel Vieira448A3334 Samuel Vieira448A3340 Samuel Vieira448A3353








































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  1. Muel Tsunamy

    Samuel sempre arrasa

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