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Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

It’s Grant Foreman, co-owner of Fathom CrossFit in San Diego. Grant is known for his beard and his legs. He can’t help you grow a bushy beard but he can help you develop your legs.

Mr Foreman, @grant4men on instagram, recommends “working slow strength as well as explosive movements” to “build size and definition.” I’m not going to argue.

Grant opened Fathom Gym with his business partner, Alec Zirkenbach, in September 2013. It’s an amazing light filled space with roll up doors and a view of the iconic Coronado Bay bridge. His favorite part of running the gym is the community that has developed there. It’s a space for openness and positivity.

As an openly gay Gym owner and trainer Grant has had to face his childhood insecurities when dealing with “Bad-Ass Military Men” who dominate the CrossFit scene in San Diego. In the end he’s discovered that the CrossFit community has welcomed him.

Grant says the biggest challenge of being a gym owner is finding time to workout. Hmmm… I don’t think he’s been skipping “Leg Day.”


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