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#Shop Aether sculpture pendant from sterling silver at ESCULPTA


Aether sculpture pendant from sterling silver by ESCULPTA

 Aether according to alchemists was the fifth and essential element of life force. The force that moves through us, present in all the other Elements and the essence of god.

In ancient Greece Aether was the protogenos (primal and elementary) god of air and light in mythology. He was the son of the gods Nyx – or Noc in latin (primordial goddess of night) and Erebus (god of shadow and darkness). With this mythological allegory, Aether, god of light was born from darkness. Further on, Aether (as a noun) was believed to be the ‘fine upper air’ breathed by the gods of Olympus.



Sculpture size:

32 mm X 25 mm (1.25 inches X 0.98 inches)

Material: Sterling silver

Original silver clasp and black chord included


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