Antonin Beranek by Baas Saputra Photography

Antonin Beranek1 Antonin Beranek2 Antonin Beranek3 Antonin Beranek4 Antonin Beranek5Antonin Beranek6
New face Antonín Beránek ( F-Models International) is photographed by talented Baas Saputra in a stunning black and white portrait. This is available in Dominus Magazine.
Model 2 : Antonin Beranek
Look : Cezh republic
Photographer : Baas Saputra
Instagram : @baassaputra
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1 comment on “Antonin Beranek by Baas Saputra Photography

  1. Reblogged this on dannyboi2 and commented:
    Damn, damn, damn, he’s Gorgeous! All the Muscles in all the right places, How do you say Tight in Czech! Handsome lad for sure…

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