Moises Garcia by Adrián C. Martín for Manus Swimwear

Moises García1 Moises García2 Moises García3 Moises García4 Moises García5 Moises García6 Moises García7 Moises García8 Moises García9

Model and DJ Moises Garcia sets to a beautiful seaside for a radiant session by photographer Adrián C. Martín. Moises is wearing pieces from the new collection Manus Swimwear.

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2 comments on “Moises Garcia by Adrián C. Martín for Manus Swimwear

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    Quisiera ser un pez
    Para tocar mi nariz en tu pecera
    Y hacer burbujas de amor por dondequiera
    Pasar la noche en vela
    Mojado en ti

    Oh yeah…

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