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By Natalie Dembinska

In recent shock-horror news, Donatella Versace has stopped smoking. Shock. Horror. What does this mean for the future of the house? What does this mean for the future of her sexy, gravelly voice? Who will inherit her collection of sparkly lighter covers? Heaven forbid they should be consigned to the trash. More shock! More horror! While their fate remains unknown at this time, the fate of rebellion has been revealed: athleticism is the new smoking. Those brightly coloured stripes that you see across the models’ faces and torsos are not the result of a hallucination caused by nicotine withdrawal that has manifested itself in a sort of tribal body painting, which is what we personally first thought. They have, in fact, been inspired by the brightly coloured strips of Kinesio tape worn by athletes for treating injuries. Apparently, Donatella claimed backstage that the discipline that athletes must exercise in pursuit of their goals was something she could relate to at this point in her life. For without discipline, nobody would achieve anything, be it winning a gold medal or quitting the fags, which when you think about it, is on par with winning a gold medal. Though it has to be said, the bright stripes do look rather fabulous when set against the golden skin of the boys. A bit “walking rainbow”.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans


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