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The printed editorial for the premier issue of Tabula Rasa Magazine is being published a few days ago, launched a big party at New York City, this past Wednesday. Tabula Rasa is an independent publication for the curious reader, exploring fashion photography.

Using talented and directional photographers, stylists, and other creatives, our goal is to establish a progressive fashion magazine. Like its title, Tabula Rasa, each issue will be a blank slate. It will operate outside a producer-consumer relationship: no advertisements, open choice of models and clothing, free of constraints from current trends or seasons. We want photographers to produce the work they desire to make, without traditional limitations. The focus is not the fashion world, but the world that fashion can create.

The first fashion editorial features male models Anatol Modzelewski, Florian Neuville, Nate Hill, Eli Hall, as well as Daisuke Ueda and Evan LeffThe story was shot in Long Island and was inspired by 1920s Berlin cabarets, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s films, as well as Meisel’s early 90s work, with a beautiful photography by magic duo Therese + Joel.

Photography: Therese + Joel (www.theresejoel.com)

Magazine: Tabula Rasa (http://www.tabularasamagazine.com)

Stylists: Louise Borchers and Joshua Liebman

Hair: Tomo Tamura

Make Up: Claudia Lake

Models: Anatol Modzelewski (New York Models), Florian Neuville (New York Models), Nate Hill (New York Models), Eli Hall (Wilhelmina Models), Daisuke Ueda (New York Models), Evan Leff (Re:Quest).


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