Model Corey Yates Shot by JM Dayao

Corey-Yates-Model-001 Corey-Yates-Model-002 Corey-Yates-Model-003 Corey-Yates-Model-004 Corey-Yates-Model-005 Corey-Yates-Model-006 Corey-Yates-Model-007 Corey-Yates-Model-008 Corey-Yates-Model-009 Corey-Yates-Model-010

The energy of a laid-back summer is embraced for a new photo shoot featuring model Corey Yates. Photographed outdoors by JM Dayao, the blond model wears a contemporary wardrobe pulled together by stylist Malcolm Bacani. Striped tops, chambray options, jeans and jackets come together for a warm day’s stroll.

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