Dimitrije Sreckovic Bluegray #newpics

Dimitrije Sreckovic Bluegray1 Dimitrije Sreckovic Bluegray2 Dimitrije Sreckovic Bluegray3 Dimitrije Sreckovic Bluegray4 Dimitrije Sreckovic Bluegray5 Dimitrije Sreckovic Bluegray6

After being the muse of French duo Exterface and now the face for the new brand from KICKSAGAT. Sexy male model Dimitrije Sreckovic has rising up his model and singer career, we bring you the latest snaps showing up his exquisite fit body.

  1. Wow- Beefy Yesss – so when do we see him with KickSagat? Can’t wait.. shouldn’t tease me..

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    I think I’d like him to be my Bodyguard, what do you thin?

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