Elad Zer by Shai Borochov

Elad 1-1 Elad 1-2 Elad 2-1 Elad 2-2 Elad 2-3 Elad 2-4 Elad 3-1 Elad 3-2 Elad 3-3 Elad 3-5 Elad 4-1 Elad 4-2 Elad 4-3 Elad 4-4 Elad 4-5 Elad 5-1a Elad 5-2 Elad 5-3 Elad 6-2 Elad 6-4 Elad 6-6

Elad Zer is not a former model, is a fashion stylist and blogger recognized in Tel Aviv, connecting with photographer Shai Borochov in colorful garments casual and formalwear this guy looks stunning, well coordinated and elegant the location was in a flea market at Jaffa, Tel Aviv.

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