Gerrad-53(10x15) Gerrad-95(10x15) Gerrad-188(10x15) Gerrad-234(12x18) Gerrad-357(12x18) Gerrad-357(12x18BW) Gerrad-408(10x15) Gerrad-581(10x15)

L.A. based model represented by AQUA Model Management and recently launched a blog with Home Recipes named Model Chef for everybody is the stunning Gerrad Bohl, but now he’s modeling for the lens of Gabriel Goldberg capturing in a stunning portrait, and Gerrad looking gorgeous with his multicolor dye-hair and beard in a colorful session full of passion and striking a thing but fit body on a white and black snaps. Looking good Gerrad! The grooming and hair are by world renowned hair stylist Noogie Thai noogiethai.com

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  1. FotoCalvin

    Absolutely stunning

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