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Lauren Hines by Karl Simone

We’re very excited to bring you this exclusive interview with charming and beloved friend Laurence Hines, this interview was done before he leaves on a trip to New York City. Also including the new pictures unrevealed from his session by talented photographer Karl Simone, and adding some snaps remembering his most top sexy images taken by Rick Day.

Before staring with the interview, we where talking about how we get started to be friends, back in 2012 when Madonna’s MDNA was on the top chart and we started talking about his career and then we ended late up night talking about our lives, hobbies, hopes and dreams…

Lauren Hines by Karl Simone
Picture by Karl Simone

Fashionably Male: Hi Laurence, would you describe yourself, who is Laurence Hines?

Laurence Hines: Who is Laurence Hines? I would say I am a very hard working individual with many dreams that I plan to make into reality before this life is over. I would also say I am a pretty down to earth guy that enjoys life and I try to make it fun for those around me.

Fashionably Male:  What are your goals, future and coming projects, would you tell us?

Laurence Hines: I will be traveling to NYC for a shoot that will be HUGE! I am super thrilled about it all.  I love NYC! As for future goals, I want to take advantage of this gift of life we have been blessed with and do something wonderful with it. Like bringing awareness to great causes and hope to help others in need, while inspiring many to do the same.

Laurence Hines by Karl Simone
Picture by Karl Simone

FM: Please tell us what is your experience through model and your acting career.

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LH: The film and fashion industry can be a very tough industry. You are your own boss and you have to stay on top of your game and really get yourself out there while refusing to take no for an answer. I have been blessed to appear in TV shows, commercials and work with top fashion photographers such as Rick Day and Karl Simone. For any one looking to get in this industry, my best advice would be to look at it for what it is; a business like any other industry. It’s a glamorous industry but still it’s an industry.  It’s important to remember that you are a product, so get out there and market yourself and take nothing personal.

Laurence Hines by Karl Simone
Laurence Hines by Karl Simone


FM: What’s your best motivational thoughts to go everyday to the gym?

LH: I go to the gym like 4-5 times a week and honestly it’s the love that I receive through social media that keeps me coming back for more. People have no idea how much their words have touched my heart and made me stronger. I also just have a passion for fitness, I thank God for this passion and I hope to inspire others to reach their goals.

FM: Whats your favorite tune to go to the gym?

LH: Hmmm that is a hard one haha. It really depends on the mood I am in, I can go from jamming to Calvin Harris while doing cardio to hitting the weights to some old-school Eminem (Lose Yourself).

Laurence Hines by Karl Simone
Laurence Hines by Karl Simone


We feeling very very happy to featuring the pictures taken by photographer Karl Simone and Laurence Hines, let’s see what he’s got to say about it.

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FM: Your experience with Rick and Karl?

LH: They are truly the greatest and most professional photographers ever. When ever you shoot with Rick or Karl they make you feel like star! I always get a bit starstruck when I shoot with them because they are truly geniuses and have both shot many celebrities and huge magazine covers yet they are very humble.

Laurence Hines by Rick Day
Laurence Hines by Rick Day


FM: Any hobbies do you have?
LH: Is the gym a hobby?! Hahaha 😉
Laurence Hines by Rick Day
Laurence Hines by Rick Day

A very charming and super cute hottie, also let me tell this! he’s got super fans always supports him in all his way up to the top. Discovering once again that the power to create, work hard can take you to the top.

Also Fashionably Male chose Laurence to turn into #artpopcollage the new art project we are working on. You can see it  below.

Male Actor and Model Laurence Hines edited and graphics background by Fashionably Male
Male Actor and Model Laurence Hines edited and graphics background by Fashionably Male


Thanks Laurence Hines– any final words for Fashionably Male out there?

Laurence Hines: Believe in your dreams, they were placed in your heart for a reason.Follow and believe in your dreams, they were placed in your heart for a reason.

Please be in contact with Laurence.


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