The “Wild Things” Fashion video (featured in Vigore! Magazine)

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For the last three years I’ve been working each year with a team of a well known hair salon with their annual inter-company Soirée. Each year, all the different branches worldwide come together to show their latest work. Each branch shows a short video presentation and then perform a live catwalk presentation, all accompanied with a series of photos printed out to pass around.

This year, for the 2014 Soirée, the team wanted a retro feel for the video with references taken from James Dean and the 1950s bikers look. We shot in the streets between King’s Cross and Angel (London) including a small yard hidden behind some residential buildings full of garages and an old abandoned  BMW where the guys could hang out…

Watch the video and checkout the featured issue of Vigore Magazine at the bottom of this page.



Michael Pilz,
Caroline Ratcliffe,
Fanette Camille


Michael Pilz,


Darren Brade


James Alexander (AMCK London)


Wesley Mahoney


“Wild Thing” by The Troggs

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