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J.W. Anderson Mens Fall/Winter 2015 London

J.W. Anderson’s F/W 2015,  home base at the Yeomanry House was laden with a violet crystal-like tapestry made of recycled tires, hinting at the post-apocalyptic show that was about to ensue. Ray Bradbury’s “There will come soft rains” immediately rang to mind depicting a world brought to ruins by Man. In a chat backstage, Anderson mentioned that the “idea felt a little bit apocalyptic…a bit George Orwell”, highlighting the poem that opened the show. Anderson switched his usual Ratatat-style discordant track for a recording of “The Imperfect List” by Big Hard Excellent Fish narrated by Josie Jones — the chilling sobering track that used to open every Morrissey concert. The words to the poem read, “scouse impersonator. silly pathetic girlies. silly pathetic woman. macho dickhead. Bonnie langford. neighbours. lost keys. phoney friend. ungrateful accusing mate. the royal family. stock aitken & waterman. smiling judas.”


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