Scotch & Soda NYFW Debut Show FW16: Wondrous Wanderers

Amsterdam brand unveils its eclectic take on the world in premiere Fashion Week appearance.

Scotch & Soda will debut New York Fashion Week with its Fall Winter 2016 collection “Wondrous Wanderers”. The collection presentation weaves together four character narratives in one story and promises a teasing immersion to the Amsterdam fashion label and its bond with the world.

Marlou van Engelen, Scotch & Soda’s Creative Director says, “We have a long standing love affair with the world. This stems from our Dutch heritage. We are a country of explorers, and have historically travelled the globe. Yet, we always comeback. When we do, we are laden with treasure and inspiration. From that, we innovate something entirely new, and entirely us. Scotch & Soda lives and dreams this world-wanderer spirit daily”.

The presentation, ‘Wondrous Wanderers’, tells the story of four everyday legends, who through different ages and places, are bound by the natural inspiration they pose. The story takes place in all corners of the world – from Tibet, to the Scottish Highlands, and from The Silk Route in China to a tiny village, called Floen, in Norway. The individual colour-scapes and textures of each of these places abundant in the individual collections. All collection stories remix the native colours, silhouettes, textures, pattern and nishes of the explored regions in to something wholly new.

Thanks to Joep Beving, Postcards From Mars, Mister & Mississippi and MassiveTalent for our beautiful show music.

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With the rest character narrative ‘The Soulful Sole’, the Nordic look is turned inside-out with denim work wear and city sportswear getting icy clean lines, bold Scandi-graphics and detailed nishes in neoprene, rubber and mountaineering fastenings. A limited edition, hand-made poncho produced from hand-picked fabrics for both Men and Women, leads the blankets and heavy-knits styling for the second character ‘The Rooted Roamers’. The third daily legend, ‘The Uncrowned Queen’ is draped in rich new clubhouse hues, silken pyjamas and day-to-night silhouettes. For the last tale, ‘The Silent Fighter’, oriental patterns and inspirations are heavily layered; Chinoiserie, jacquard, heavy sequin patterning, and kimono prints clash and combine for a wistful, yet opulent look, and in a dazzling party palette that steers clear of black.



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