No 21 Mens Fall/Winter 2015 Milan

It’s all about relaxed elegance,” said Alessandro Dell’Acqua before the start of his Nº 21 show on Sunday. And if how at ease the designer looked backstage-as he adjusted the numerous mohair skull caps sported by his models- was any indication, Dell’Acqua was feeling pretty confident about this collection.

And as it turned out he had every reason to be.

This was a show filled with clean line silhouettes but in textured feel good fabrics that created instant interest. Each piece was a clever balance of originality and familiarity, so that Dell’Acqua was able to challenge the status quo style ruts that men often fall into with new alternatives that tweaked traditional garments just enough that a guy would be willing to take a risk on them.

Winners included the eternally chic black and navy color combo the designer used as stripes or color blocks on outerwear, the argyle pattern or mermaid motif sweaters and brocade lace pieces which worked well on both the show’s male and female models.

Where the designer got a bit more playful was with his accessories. The low riding mohair caps will sell like hot cakes come fall. But it was the slide on sandals, cut in luxe velvet and worn with mohair socks, that was the most audacious aspect of Dell’Acqua’s show. They were a fun little fashion punctuation mark for a collection that was both classical and edgy.

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