Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México AW 2015







Mexico City filled with creative, enterprising and hardworking people Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presents the XVII of its Fashion Week A/W 2015 to be placed in the same city. This time I just rename just a few creative artists and fashion designers that made great achievement for menswear, an impeccable work. Still much to accomplish for the men’s department, is still empty, but every year more participants achieve excellent performance. The brands that we see here as Jannette Klein, Pineda Covalin, with a beautiful job of tailoring and tailor Simple by Trista with minimalist designs, they integrated several male models to its gateway. The label presented more male Gryho proposals, conceptual and innovative touches. The prestigious brand Guess who leads to another level with denim. Zingara with few proposals for swimsuit. We hope that more designers propose more fashion, and that the sponsors help that creative people to help to achieve his dream. Help begins everywhere.

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