James Long Spring/Summer 2016 London

“I was looking at people who are so natural in their clothing, they think they’re blending in, but they’re totally not. There’s a real freedom to it,” said James Long. The flag bearer for London-centric individuality and creative license found interest in the antithesis to what’s in vogue. The look was one of Goldsmith kids, so at one with their sense of self, chugging a pint of beer inconspicuously in an unknown pub in Peckham, but still managing to make it a thing. They are the types that bring the party with them, turning their lo-fi regular hangout into the next “it” spot overnight. Tossing together ruffles, patchwork denim, riotous hand-painted swashes, tie dye, and patterned knits into a lethal cocktail of textures; the deliciously spontaneous styling was reminiscent of the morning after a legendary night out. Models still had glitter smeared on their brows as they walked down with unabashed ease.

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