Damir Doma Spring/Summer 2016 Milan

As the classical piano echoed through the expansive halls of the industrial venue of Milan’s Via Tortona, Paris-based Damir Doma turned the crowd’s attention to the simplicity of live instrumental music.

With “Prima Aria,” as the collection is called, Doma started the first chapter of this Milanese story on a quest to revive the purest values of fashion.

The clothes were bare bones and inspired by earthly treasures like the Agate rock that is dark and unsuspecting on the outside and bears a myriad of colorful rings inside. This was highlighted by the sliced slabs of amulets dangling from models’ necks.

Linen and cotton floor-length looks slowly made their way down the runway. A-line tank top looks for men were fastened on the sides of the torso, lining the body with an architectural sense of structure.

A fluid navy blue jumpsuit was among the highlights for women, while trousers with exaggerated creases in the form of painted stripes represented one of the hallmarks of the men’s array.

In the midst of the chaos of Milan fashion week, we were served a reprieve with the avant-garde classicism that defines the progressive world of Damir Doma. We were also reminded of the potential of France’s designers to penetrate a younger demographic with the sheer basics.

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