Model Fit With Misa Patinszki by Vogue Hommes


Model Fit with Misa Patinszki

Spotted in Budapest while waiting for the bus, Misa Patinszki is easily distinguished by his green eyes and killer body. Exclusively to Vogue Hommes, the young Hungarian-born model reveals his beauty secrets. One to watch.

What’s your first thought when you wake up?
What am I going eat for breakfast?

What are your morning and evening beauty rituals? 
Simple and effective: I keep my face very clean with fresh water or I use a little bit of moisturizing lotion.

How do you fight signs of tiredness?
When I’m at a shoot, makeup covers pretty much everything, if not, I use eye drops and I take breaks in the fresh air, it really helps.

What’s your special diet to feel energetic?
I eat what I want even if healthy or not but in a reasonable quantity. Having just a little taste is enough to make me feel energetic and happy.

Do you have any food preferences to increase muscle mass?
Beef, fish and chicken, all with rice.

Do you practice a specific sport to tone?
In the summer, I do flatwater kayaking.

What is your quick-fire technique to sculpt your body in case of excess fat?
I run as much as I avoid carbohydrates.

What’s your trick to feeling comfortable in front of the camera?
Honestly, I don’t have trick I don’t feel I am under pressure front of the camera. I’m there to do a job, no stress, no awkwardness.

Which can’t you can’t live without?
My phone with an unlimited internet connection.

Where do you go to disconnect from the world?
My family home in Budapest where I grew up. I only need to spend a day there to recharge my batteries.

source: Vogue Hommes

Images from Misa Patinszki Instagram.

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