Southern Gentleman, Jack Weisensel | PnV Network

Southern Gentleman, Jack Weisensel | PnV Network

by Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

The first thing that struck me with Jack Weisensel is how maturely and professionally he conducts himself.  He is thoughtful, cautious, deliberate and well-spoken.  He has a strong will to win at anything he embarks upon. Jack is a young southern gentleman in the making…as long as you don’t speak ill of Ford Mustangs. As you can see, Jack is ready for the big stage:

So, first some basics.  What is your age, weight, and height? Hair/eye color?  What agency represents you?  What is your hometown & current residence?

I am 19, currently weighing about 182 pounds, and I am 6’1″.  I have brown hair and hazel eyes, and I am signed with Next Model Management in Miami, although my home is in North Carolina.


So, you graduated high school in the spring, 2015.   But, you were already modeling before finishing school.  Tell us how you broke into modeling.  How & when did it lead to signing with Next?

I first started with modeling because people all around me kept telling me I should. I thought I might as well give it a shot when I heard about a ProScout competition near me where agents from about 30 of the top agencies from around the world came to scout new talent. I ended up with a lot of offers from the get go, and eventually came to the decision to sign with New York Model Management at age 15. After I turned 18, I decided I wanted to market myself in a new area and contacted Next who originally told me they wanted to sign me, but not until after I turned 18.

Career-wise, Jack, what is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate career goal is to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle while I continue to better myself every day. Whether it is modeling, acting, a salaried job… my ultimate goal is to just be able to live and be happy in the moment.


What is it that you like so much about modeling?

Modeling has given me a great opportunity that not very many people get to do in their lives, and it allows me to be flexible in everything else that I choose to do in life.  I always talked about traveling to see new places when I was younger, and modeling has kind of given me a reason to go out and do that.

Now that you’re out of school, do you plan to pose for more edgy and sexual material and projects?    

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School was never really a big issue for me.  I could have taken more edgy images before and felt no different.  I actually just started college, but I am doing it all online to remain flexible for modeling and travel plans. As for the images, I like the edgy appearance but I don’t know just how much of it will appear in my work quite yet.


How have friends and family reacted to you modeling?  That’s not something every young man in North Carolina does.

I have gotten all sorts of feedback from my modeling career.  Anything from friends and family being extremely supportive, to friends making joking stabs, to people all around the world starting to follow and support my work. The biggest help behind the scenes is my family, my girlfriend, and my agents pushing me towards what is going to benefit me the most in this line of work.

Who are some photographers you would dream to shoot with?

I don’t know that I have any specific photographers that I’d dream to shoot with. William Lords was the first photographer that I ever shot with and at that point I think I was still learning the ropes. I was really young around the time we shot, and I would really like to get the chance to shoot with him again!  Viktor Klimenko has really helped out recently with building my book as we both are currently in NC, and Zach Alston has helped along the way as well.


What was your recent shoot with Viktor Klimenko like? Was this the unveiling of a new Jack Weisensel?

The shoot with Viktor was really different for me, but really great at the same time. This wasn’t the first time I shot with Viktor, so I already knew he had some sort of work of art planned out when he contacted me again. I don’t know if this was an unveiling of a new me as much as a different side of me.  In this career you have to learn to adapt and turn into the picture that is supposed to be portrayed.  I fully plan on having more shoots like this as well as others.  I like showing variety in my work! It keeps things interesting to me.


How would you describe your personal fashion style?

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My whole life was revolved around sports for the longest time, and I never really had a fashion style before modeling really started picking up for me. The only real style I prefer is in the shoots I do, and that is the more classic look. I like the suit and tie concept, probably because I never really wear that outside of photography. A lot of my work has been based around a more high fashion/New York look because of the photographers I have shot with. I have so many different looks I have worked with that I don’t really settle for one that I like.  I like to switch up what I look like every day!


Who is your male modeling inspiration(s)?   

Like the photographers, I don’t know that I really have a modeling inspiration per say… The people that support me are my inspiration! I originally got into this career because of other people, and besides that I just kind of do my thing. Trailing behind what other people look like and what other people do isn’t going to make you stand out from the crowd, and if you’re just another person in the crowd, how will you ever get noticed?


So, your high school mascot was the Mustangs and you love the Ford Mustang car.  Coincidence?  Tell us about your car passion, and what happened with your yellow mustang.

My grandfather was a Ford mechanic for the better part of his life, and my dad has had a strong connection with the brand ever since. This brought strong feelings into my house about Ford vehicles and kind of passed on through me and my siblings. I like sports cars, but even more so muscle cars, so what better to choose than a Ford Mustang? The fact that my high school mascot was a mustang was just a coincidence. I originally had a yellow mustang until I totaled it after I hit an oil spot on the highway after a big storm. No other car felt right to me, so I’m now back in another mustang, and loving every second of it.


You look like a quarterback. What position did you play in high school football?   And didn’t you end up with a bad injury playing football?

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I was a wide receiver and a safety while I played football. I got injured junior year, and as gruesome as it sounds, the best way to describe it is that I snapped my ankle in half after being hit from behind. I had emergency surgery, and I only returned to sports for half a season of basketball. I made the conscious decision after that to focus more on modeling and put sports aside.

Upon reflection, describe your personality.

I see myself as a fun person, but extremely serious when it comes down to business. If I see something I want I go after it, and I won’t give up until I’ve got it.

What about Jack Weisensel might surprise people to know?

I don’t think there are any shockers about me because I’m a pretty open person. So just to throw something out there, a lot of people might not know that I own a dog that is a Great Dane/English Mastiff mix named Josie, and she weighs about 150 pounds.


Now the Flash Bulb Round…..quick responses:

–Favorite all-time action film?  Comedy?  Tearjerker?

Taken. Step Brothers. The Lucky One.

–Most famous persons whom you have met?

Anastasia Roark.

–The 2 exercises that you find most beneficial to you?

Chest flies, and hanging leg raises.

–Favorite underwear brand & style?

Penguin briefs for comfortability.

–Favorite sin food?


–Top 2 places a first time visitor to North Carolina should be sure to see:

Any country side in the fall, and the Appalachain Mountains.

–Your biggest vice?

Loud cars.

–What physical feature(s) do people compliment you on the most?

My smile.

–Price is no object…what is the car you absolutely must purchase?

A Lykan Hypersport

What is the best way on social media for people to reach out to you?

Instagram is by far the best way to contact me to request shoots or follow my work.  it’s my most active account.  My username is Jack_Weisensel.

Photography by Ricky Cohete.

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