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Model Shawn Alexander caught my eye a while ago. His images are always mind-blowing!  Total sex appeal!! But I wanted to know more about this mystery man, besides just how provocative he looks posing in underwear. Shawn is a recent West Coast transplant who has been modeling for over 2 years. Laid back and easy to work with, he’s a great find.  Shawn has gained much notoriety with hot shoots with talented photographers like Armando Adajar and Scott Hoover also, Shawn appears in the coffee table book, “Provocation, Volume 1” by Kevin D Hoover. So, let’s get acquainted with Shawn:

Enjoy Shawn in these photos from Creative Director/Photographer Thomas Avila and Photographer Julio Ramirez. Shawn is wearing underwear/swimwear by Marcuse and T-shirt by Rufskin.

Let’s start with some basics, Shawn.  Age, height, hair/eye color?   What is your hometown? Where do you currently reside?  Who represents you?

I am 27 years old, I’m 5’8”, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am from Buffalo NY. I currently reside in San Diego CA. I am unrepresented at this time.

So tell us about what you were like and your interests as a high school teen?    Could you have ever imagined then that you would one day be a male model?

In high school I was mainly involved in sports and spent most of the time outside of that hanging out with friends. At that time I never even gave modeling a thought.

You were a rather late bloomer to modeling, only starting two years ago in the industry.  So, fill in the gaps, what were some things you did before modeling?

After high school I went to college and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science. After college I moved to NYC for my current job and then began taking the gym more seriously and after seeing some results I became interested in modeling.   

Shawn Alexander by Thomas Avila (10)

So, Shawn, what or who inspired you to begin modeling?  How did you go about breaking into the business? 

I started following modeling agencies, models and photographers on instagram and that is where the inspiration came from. My first shoot was with Kevin Hoover in NYC, I contacted him and he agreed to do a test shoot and that’s how it began.

Tell us about your first shoot.  What were the biggest challenges that you recollect as a rookie?

My first shoot was with Kevin Hoover in NYC. And if you know anything about Kevin’s work, it definitely pushes the boundaries but he captures the male form incredibly. So not really having ever been photographed before it was very nerve racking but he is an extremely nice guy and made the whole thing very comfortable. I guess the biggest challenge as a rookie is to know your angles and body position and movement which he helped me with.

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In 2015, you were photographed on the beach for Ergowear and created some popular images, working with Armando Adajar.   Tell us, Shawn, about the shoot location, the brand, and what it’s like shooting with Armando.

The shoot location for that shoot was beautiful.  I love the beach so naturally I had a great time, and it was great seeing the morning beach walkers and surfers.  This is the second ergowear shoot I have done with Armando.  The brand is amazing.  The first shoot was an underwear collection and the most recent was a swimsuit collection both of which I wear regularly.  Armando is great to work with.   He knows what he’s trying to capture and does so beautifully.  I always look forward to working on new projects with him.Shawn Alexander by Thomas Avila (3)

So, Shawn, the images from your recent shoot with Thomas Avila and Julio Ramirez are amazing.   Tell us about the shoot.

Thomas reached out to me over social media asking to shoot me in a pair of underwear and a speedo from Marcuse. I love the brand, so I agreed to do it. The shoot was very early one morning in order to catch the sun rise on the top of the building we shot at in downtown San Diego. The rooftop overlooks the Padres baseball stadium; it was a great location. Then we shot the speedo at Coronado beach in San Diego. Thomas and Julio were great to work with and the images came out great as well.

Shawn Alexander by Julio Ramirez (1)

I’m sure you have enjoyed most of the steps along the way to where you are today as a model, but tell us about your TWO most memorable moments thus far in your career.

Being featured in DNA Magazine’s Hottest Men Alive issue in 2014 is definitely memorable. My friend who lives in Australia actually sent me a photo of the page in the magazine which is how I found out about it. I also recently found out MMensual Mag in France did an interview with Wander Aguiar and featured photos that he shot of me.

How critical are you upon seeing the final product after posing for images?  Have you ever had a shoot where the results made you cringe?   Conversely, which one image of yourself would you place in the Shawn Alexander Hall of Fame?

I am my biggest critic, I can usually go back and look at a photo and say that I should have done this or changed that but ultimately the final product is up to the photographer and you learn to live with it. (I will attach the photo from a test shoot I did with Wander).

So, Shawn, you have done a lot of underwear modeling for numerous photographers and brands.   How did that come about?   Is it nerve-wracking to work in your underwear and be so exposed?   Isn’t it a tremendous amount of work, not to mention pressure, to have a flawless physique and perfect skin?

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Well, because of my height I am a little restricted with what I can do, obviously you will not see me on the cat walk, so I turned to the fitness side of it which ultimately turned into modeling underwear and swimwear. In the beginning I was a little nervous just because I was very hard on myself and always wanted to do better and improve my body but now posing in underwear doesn’t bother me, but I am still critical which pushes me to keep getting better.

How do you like all these underwear brands where the pouches are not lined?   That seems to be quite the fashion trend. Those styles of underwear are very comfortable. A little less practical but they have their time and place.

You shoot wearing so many different brands, I would never ask your favorite.  However, what styles do you personally like best?

I prefer briefs.

Shawn Alexander by Julio Ramirez (7)

At the end of 2014, you were featured by DNA Magazine as one of the Hottest Men Alive.     How did that feel?   Did that put a lot of pressure on you for 2015…are you seeking out People Magazine’s Hottest Man Alive next

I am a very modest and humble person, there is always going to be someone with better looks, better hair, better body etc. I was extremely flattered for being featured in that issue and always grateful for all of the DNA features I’ve had but I don’t let something like that put pressure on me. I know there’s always room for improvement and I just continue to try and better myself for me and not for anyone else.  But, hopefully you’ll see another DNA feature of some sort in the future ;). Shawn Alexander by Julio Ramirez (8)

You were also a calendar boy in 2015.  You posed for the charitable organization, FCKH8, and served as the cover model as well as a feature model.   Tell us about this project.

This was a lot of fun.  Justin Frost is a great photographer to work with. Going into it I had no idea I would be on the cover. And if you know anything about Justin’s work he does not disappoint, very little clothing and very erotic scenes that were captured beautifully. It is definitely worth checking out and for a good cause. Plus you might be able to see my booty in one or two of the months!

Who are some photographers you would love to pose for one day?   Who are some male models that inspire you?

This list is endless; Rick Day and Thomas Synnamon are two photographers I would love to work with. Models like Andreas Eriksen, Nick Bateman, Barrett Pall, Bryant Wood and the list goes on…

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Besides a great face, you have an amazing booty !   I know I’m not the first to tell you    that!  What is your secret to getting the perfectly shaped backside?   

Honestly, it’s genetic. I mean I do squats in the gym but I injured my back and can’t do as much weight as I used to, so I guess I’m lucky.     Shawn Alexander by Julio Ramirez (14)

Tell us about your personal fashion style, Shawn.

I don’t know if I have a particular style.  I like to stick to my blacks, whites and grays, but you’ll usually find me in jeans and t-shirt or tank top.  Sometimes I’ll dress it up with a blazer or button up depending on the event. My go to’s are All Saints, Zara and Top Man.

Modeling and the industry itself is a rather unique world.   In what ways, do you think it   has changed the way you view people and the world?

I don’t think modeling has changed the way I view people or the world.   I guess because I consider it to be more as a hobby, I just have fun with it and try and make the best product I can. Shawn Alexander by Julio Ramirez

So when you’re not modeling, what do you do for work and play?

I enjoy going out and partying with friends, but I love staying in and watching movies. I like to stay active and be outside whether it be going to the beach or on a nice hike. I obviously get to the gym as often as I can. 

What is something fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve been told people have the impression I’m an asshole but are surprised to find out I’m a nice guy in person.

Shawn Alexander by Julio Ramirez (10)

So why do you think fans have that perception of you? 

I think it’s an overall perception people get from models.  I have also thought the same thing about other models, but when I’ve met them, they are very nice.  I just think it’s a stigma that people think ‘he’s attractive and does modeling, so he must be stuck up.”

Let’s play the Flash Bulb round…quick, simple responses: 

–Favorite sin snack/dessert Pizza/carrot cake

–Something your friends think is always so boring about you: I can be a home body at times. 

–Favorite US city to visit:  As a former resident, I have to say NYC.

–2 physical features you get the most compliments about:  Butt and biceps

–Favorite action film?  Comedy?  Tearjerker?  The Departed;  Wedding Crashers;  The Fault in Our Stars

–% of time you leave home, dressed commando:  I’d say 0, I save commando for when I’m at home.

Bedtime attire: Undies

Typical manscaping schedule: Shaving and trimming at least once a week.

–Favorite holiday:   Christmas

What are the best ways for readers to reach you on social media?

I try not to let social media consume me but I am an avid Instagram and Facebook user.


Photographer and Creative Director Thomas Avila on Social Media:


Website:  thomasavila.com

Photographer Julio Ramirez on Social Media:


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