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Here is the Austin Scoggin interview by Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Photography by Scott Hoover

Austin Scoggin is a nerd. Austin Scoggin is an All-American boy-next-door dripping-in-hotness super model. That is the paradox of Austin Scoggin!!!. You can never really wrap your brain around who he is. Football hunk…captain of the chess team…lacrosse star…lover of Disneyland, Aquaman, and Pokemon. Made in Oregon, those around him knew he was destined to fame. People say he is a funny guy, yet I’ve always gotten this sense of Austin as shy and low-key. Then again, his bold and sexy photo portfolio is anything but bashful. Austin is just as comfortable kicking back and listening to country music as attending LA Pride to support his friends. With a social media following of 150K fans, Austin has immense popularity. Maybe one day he will be world renowned, but then again, he would be equally happy pursuing a career in firefighting.   


Accompanying our interview with Austin are images personally selected by his friend, LA photographer Scott Hoover, who has shot Austin multiple times.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Austin!

So, first some basics. What is your age, weight, and height? Hair/eye color? Birthday?  What is your hometown & current residence?

I’m twenty years old, currently weigh 174lbs, and I’m 6’0.5 feet tall. I’m blonde with hazel eyes and I was born on May 30th, 1995. My hometown is Sherwood, Oregon and currently I don’t have a residence.AustinScogginScottHoover100a

Austin, what were you like in high school? Would your classmates have ever dreamed you would become a huge male model? You were discovered on the beach during a family vacation. Who gets the credit? What did you think when they approached you?

In high school I was always involved in something; whether it was Football, Lacrosse, Chess, Student Council, Yearbook, or the Magic Club (Magic The Gathering).  I was a sophomore and the agency that scouted me at the time ended up being a scam; luckily I didn’t buy into it. I was a little discouraged but I ended up signing with an agency (Option Model and Media) a year later. I made the decision to not play football my junior year.  It was a weird feeling, but one that I’ll never regret. It gave me room to breathe and for the first time I actually had a summer to relax and enjoy being a teenager.  The time off gave me a chance to pursue modeling more and that’s when I made the decision to change my life forever and stop drinking pop and stop eating fast food. Shortly after I made my parents buy me P90x so I could “get in shape.” Both my parents had their doubts; just watching me do the workouts they were burning calories. 

My senior year rolled around and at that time I was in the best shape of my life, and felt like I was on top of the world. The whole school knew I was modeling and planning to go to New York after graduation. I was an escort for the Homecoming Court, voted Winter Formal Prince and then voted “most likely to be famous” by my class. don’t think anyone, including myself, could’ve ever imagined how far I would have come a few years later.


I know you’re very close to your grandmothers, and that was the hardest part of leaving Oregon for you. Tell us what makes them so special.

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I’m very close and love both my grandma’s very much. I feel very blessed that I can say that. Both my grandma’s have always seen the best in me and have been very supportive throughout my career.

You were captain of the chess team in high school. That takes a lot of strategizing. Do you take that same analytical approach to your modeling career?

This is true.  I was the captain of our chess team. Chess is tough game and strategizing is key. If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my career, it’s that  you can’t control what life throws at you, you can only control how you deal with what life throws at you. Picking your battles is key, and I owe a lot of credit to my family for their everlasting love and support.AustinScogginScottHoover102

In the nearly 3 years I’ve known you, Austin, you move around a lot. You split your time living in New York, LA, Miami and Portland. Tell us why you do that and explain to readers the difference in the modeling scene in these places.

I travel to different markets because one market is busier then another at different times.  Usually when fashion week is happening I’m in New York; I’m in LA, Portland, or Miami, depending on the season.


Tell us about shooting with photographer Scott Hoover. You have worked with him several times. What makes your relationship tick?

When I first met Scott I was signed with Two Management and was living in LA with Charlie Matthews, Nic Palladino, Braeden Wright, Lucas Fernandes and Ryan Williams. We went by “Two Direction” because whenever we would go anywhere, people thought we were a boy band.  Charlie and Nic were the first to shoot with Scott and when it came my turn, I knew great photos were coming!

Scott and I clicked right away and I knew right this is someone I was gonna be friends with for a long time.  I made it a mission to shoot with him every chance I got.


One of your most popular shoots on social media was your second shoot with photographer Ricky Cohete in Miami last winter. Tell us about that shoot and why it came out so hot.

Ricky is like Scott in a way, where I made it my mission to reconnect with him because the images have only gotten better. The photographers I shoot with multiple times tend to be the photographers I’m most comfortable with.AustinScogginScottHoover105

While you didn’t take a lot of images with Brian Jamie for Risbel Magazine’s birthday issue, the few you did take were legendary. People loved you with the giant teddy bear. Where did that idea come from? You and Brian should consider an encore. Just you and stuffed animals.

Brian and I have talked about another shoot.  I just haven’t gone back to New York yet. Trust me, I’ve been wanting to shoot with Brian again for quite some time. The idea with the bear came from the editor himself, Fredo Montes; he was styling that shoot.AustinScogginScottHoover106

You have had a very fruitful career thus far — worn many brands, lots of magazines, travel etc. What are two of the most memorable work assignments or perhaps just overall career high points for you?

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My biggest career high point was shooting one of the covers of issue #8, volume two for Hercules magazine with Bruno Staub.   We shot on Fire Island and I wore clothes from Calvink Klien, Emporia Armani, Brioni, and Balmain. The best part was feeding the local deer, because who doesn’t get excited when seeing deer!  Huge thank you to Jason Kanner and David Vivirido for giving me the opportunity! My most memorable work assignment was shooting “Intense Power” for Client Magazine with Arnaldo Lucca.  The shoot took place in a studio in Brooklyn, and it was me, Trevor Van Uden, Christian Hogue, Tyler Maher and Eian Scully.  I had been friends with Christian and Trevor for quite some time, and I had known about Tyler and Eian through our agency, Soul Artist Management.  The shoot was laid back and I got to work with models from my agency, Soul Artist Management. You couldn’t have had a better atmosphere!AustinScogginScottHoover107

In October, 2014, you appeared in the music video “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez. The song was also used in promos for “American Horror Story: Freak Show.”  It was a very strange but well done video shot at a carnival at night with pink vomit among its oddities. Tell us about the shoot, all the makeup you wore and how long it took to shoot.

The music video took place in a studio in Brooklyn and a Carnival in Long Island. We shot all day and I was probably on set for a total of 10-12 hours. The make-up was nothing crazy, except my hair was colored silver.

Describe your personal fashion style.

Sporty, nerdy and comfortable.

What is your body fat these days? You were on a quest to lose weight last year. Tell us how much you lost, why you lost it, and how you did it.

My body fat these days is around 7%. For me, losing weight or muscle is physically easy. Mentally it’s very hard.  You have to teach yourself to love yourself and to  understand that sometimes change is better.  I had to accept myself for who I was and adapt to what I was given.  Me being on the short side in the industry at a little over 6’0 ft is difficult in itself.AustinScogginScottHoover108

Tell us about some of your favorites in the world of anime, Disney, cartoons, etc.

I’m a sucker for Disney. I’m even contemplating going to Disneyland for my 21st birthday.  I grew up watching Disney movies and going to Disneyland.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been.  My all-time favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast which is closely followed by Hercules. I’ve always loved watching cartoons. I grew up watching Pokemon, which led to watching Yu-Gi-Oh, and then that led me to my favorite cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Growing up I want to go Super Saiyan, but personally, I wanted to be a water bender way more then being a Saiyan. I never got into Japanese Anime until high school. I always saw my brother watching it, but I never really appreciated it. I guess you could say he got me into it. My favorite anime is Hunter X Hunter followed by Naruto and Fairy Tale.AustinScogginScottHoover109

Tell us about your interest in “Magic: The Gathering” trading card game.

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My best friend introduced me to Magic my Junior year of high school (I’m still kinda salty he didn’t introduce me sooner). I never took it seriously until I found out the cards had actual value and were played competitively. Being a model has allowed me to take my hobby with me wherever it is I’m traveling to. The best part about Magic is the people I’ve met and the friendships that have come from it.  Magic can be played in ten different languages and is played in over 75 countries.


I believe you like many genres of music, but I don’t know many male models who like country music. Tell us about your diverse music taste.

One of my pet peeves is when people judge others for their musical taste. I think music is one of the greatest pleasures in life and when you can connect or communicate with someone through music, I think that is something special!   Country music has always been in my life. My parents love country and that’s where I get it from.

You have an amazing body for speedo-style trunks. What was your reaction the first time you wore some for professional images? How does that compare to wearing speedos today?

The first time I shot in a speedo was my first shoot with Scott Hoover. Obviously the shots were amazing and I got to wear my Aquaman shoes with them, which is always a plus. I’m not a speedo kinda guy; personally I like board shorts, or trunks. I only wear  speedos for shoots.AustinScogginScottHoover111

Modeling fame, with all its temptations, can take a toll on some people. How do you not fall for all the trappings of being a successful model?

I surround myself with people who have the same goals as I do. I treat others how I want to be treated, and I’ve stuck to that since the beginning and it’s never failed me.

Now the Flash Bulb Round…..quick responses:

–Favorite all-time movies: a) comedy b) tear jerker c) drama d) fantasy

a) The Other Guys

b) Good Will Hunting

c) Gladiator

d) The Lord of the Rings

–What do you typically wear to bed?

Shorts or boxers

–The 2 exercises that you find most beneficial to you?

Deadlifts and Ab Roller

–Favorite sin food?


–Top 2 places a first time visitor to Oregon should be sure to see:

Klamath Falls and Portland

–TWO all-time fave theme park rides?

Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.

–What TWO physical features do people compliment you on the most?

Cheek bones and Chest



What is the best way on social media for people to reach out to you?

Twitter for sure, I use twitter as an outlet to be more myself.




Snapchat:  austinjscoggin

Photos are by Scott Hoover.   On social media, find Scott at:



Web:  scotthooverphotography.com

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