Underwear Review: Alexander COBB Underwear

Alexander COBB® men’s underwear is certainly the most preferred choice of male underwear. Of course underwear is a very personal thing but we have to look for comfort, perfect fit and quality of fabric when selecting underwear and that’s exactly what Alexander COBB® men’s underwear provides you with.

Our recommendations are for two products in particular: as we have had also the chance to wear them literally.

First goes to Alexander COBB the Boxer Short Yellow River:

Each pair is made with designer quality elastic band, 92% cotton, and 8% lycra, so they feel like your second skin. Alexander COBB® is a product of the European Union (EU) Europe and therefore guarantees high production standards (EUR-1 certificate) combined with leading Scandinavian design.

Numerous certificates witness about the quality of materials, and guarantee that the quality and its steadiness (colors, prints) surpass the price and are in accordance with all European and world’s norms (Certificate Oeko-Tex®, Limited Brands Silver Laboratory Certification, L.L. Bean Quality Testing Textile Fabrics…).

The good stuff, attractive color and design.

And next item is Trunk Tattoo Dragon:

Lift-up system in this Alexander COBB trunk cuts gives you an extra security, and perfectly fits to your body.

Please keep in mind that Alexander COBB tattoo prints are unique and therefore each model is different. Designed by a Scandinavian artist on large surface, print cuts are not identical and colors are correspondingly unique. Images used are for illustrative purposes only.

The good stuff, cool design yeah! I really like it a lot, Japanese colorful dragon-ish theme. The trunk so comfortable, you don’t need it to pull it up everytime you wear pants or some joggers, easy to wear.

Stick around into this Underwear brand. Always try something new and original.

For more information, please go to: http://www.alexandercobb.com



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