Seeking for Urban Essentials, STOP, here comes MASS!

Seeking for original Urban essentials, stop and stare because here comes MASS a men’s streetwear brand, offering contemporary basics with a modern edge. Drawing inspiration from the fast paced city of Hong Kong, designer Mass Luciano was influenced by the city’s architecture and construction, particularly the iconic bamboo scaffolding with mesh netting. 


‘I love how the mesh over the scaffolding gives you a glimpse of the building underneath, so I wanted to create the same appeal with mesh fabrics over skin – it’s sensual yet subtle’

Mass Luciano designs two capsules of contemporary basics a year and sticks to a simple colour palette of black or white. We love how he takes everyday basics for men, like sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, and gives them a modern twist.  “I like to combine easy to wear silhouettes with unexpected materials, bold graphics and textured detailing to make ordinary clothes feel special,” says Mass Luciano when we spoke with him from his small design studio in Hong Kong.

Instagram @mass_branded


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