Contemporary Texan Sean Grace /PnV Interview

Contemporary Texan Sean Grace

for PnV Interview

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

When you interview an international teen model, you never really know what to expect.    Now 19 years old, Sean Grace started modeling three years ago. So, that makes this teen a veteran of the industry. And he sounds much wiser and older, as you will read, than he looks!    Growing up near Dallas, Texas, Sean enjoys some typical Texas activities, but is also a fan of the arts and partaking in artistic endeavors. And he is studying to be a professional photographer. Sexy, perceptive, grounded…as well as “strange, weird, and downright unusual”….here’s the lowdown on our red-hot Contemporary Texan.SeanGrace2

Oh…and here’s a creative new twist! Accompanying this interview are photos of model Sean, taken by photographer Sean himself, using his Canon Rebel T5 camera. Sean explained, To capture these photographs I either used a delayed shutter or a remote shutter. Furthermore, I utilized a camera stand and a long exposure to create a few of the images.” 

So, first some basics, Sean.  What is your age, weight, and height? Hair/eye color? Birthday?  What agencies represent you?  What is your hometown & current residence?

SeanGrace8First off, I would like to display my gratitude for your interest in my life and career.  I hope this interview provides some insight into my world and the way I see it.  I am 19 years old, 162lbs, and 6’2 feet tall with red hair and blue eyes. I was born on October 14th, 1996 in Colleyville, Texas, where I have resided for a majority of my life. Currently, I live in a suitcase.  Otherwise known as “couch surfing.”  With Two Management(Los Angeles) as my Mother Agent, I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit.  I am represented in 7 cities internationally by the following agencies: Two Management (LA), IMG Models (NYC), Kim Dawson Agency (Dallas), Brown Agency (Austin), Bravo Models (Tokyo), Dobe Entertainment (Seoul), and last but certainly not least, Bang! Management (Mexico City).

So, you are a recent high school graduate. But, you were already modeling well before Contemporary Texan Sean Grace /PnV Interviewfinishing school…for nearly 3 years now with Two Management in LA. Tell us how you broke into modeling.  How did you end up with Two back in the summer of ‘13?

It almost doesn’t feel like it has been three years since I began this journey.  However, I vividly remember how it started, I was working out at a local gym and noticed that someone had been watching me from afar.  At second glance I realized it was an old friend’s mother.  She approached and asked “Have you ever thought about modeling?” and my honest response was “Hell no.”  It took me three weeks to work up the courage to step in front of the camera.  Once I did, I was never the same.  The next week I was signed with Two Management.  I flew out to California and chased my dreams.  I have been ever since.

Contemporary Texan Sean Grace /PnV InterviewSean, we all have a mental picture of Texans. Now, are you a fishing, mud-bogging kind of Texan with a ten gallon hat and a rifle or do you represent the new contemporary Texas (if there is such a thing LOL)?

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Haha I am aware of the common stereotypes associated with Texans.  However, I have Contemporary Texan Sean Grace /PnV Interviewstretched my Texas sized molding into many different factions.  I do enjoy fishing on the Colorado River with my Father and ripping up a freshly rain-coated field with a monstrous vehicle but, on the other hand, I enjoy music, photography, film, fashion, poetry, and of course physical health/fitness.  I like to think I am one of these new “Contemporary Texans” that you speak of. 😉

You are currently studying photography in college. Are you a fan of the arts…it seems you enjoy writing and music as well? Tell us what you like from the photographer’s viewpoint.

I currently take online photography courses and plan on possibly attending Film School one day. Possessing an artistic eye enables one to use the world as one’s canvas.  Every day I see something in a different light or hear a new melody.  Whatever it may be, I think we all have a little creative spark in us that needs to be ventilated through art.  The world is a beautiful place filled with extraordinary things why not take advantage of that gift?SeanGrace3

You have some cool photography equipment. Brag about that for a moment.

I recently purchased a Canon Rebel T5 and my oh my was it worth the investment!  I was fortunate enough to find a great deal on Amazon Prime (my favorite online shopping platform). The bundle I received contained all the basic camera equipment needed and a few extra toys.  I am very satisfied with my current photography equipment.  Hopefully, my arsenal of equipment continues to grow as my craft does.

Career-wise, Sean, what is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is just to be happy. If my career brings me happiness, that is great;  if my family brings me happiness, even better, but if I bring myself happiness, that is best.

What is it that you like so much about modeling?

You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well I couldn’t agree more. The composition of a photograph can be more complex than most imagine. The emotional effects of an image can stick with someone forever.  I wish to instill a little piece of my emotional state with every person who views my photographs.

I realize you’re only 19, but perhaps you can impart some wisdom on this. We all know how bad many young actors, singers, etc. turn out to be with the fame and bad influences pulling at them….they’re basically kids working in an adult world and easily swayed and taken advantage.  From a modeling perspective, how has that been?   Do you think it’s a good thing to start in the industry so young?Contemporary Texan Sean Grace /PnV Interview

I was thrown into this industry at the young age of 16 and I sure have made my mistakes along the way but, without the opportunities that this world has given me,  I wouldn’t be who I am today.  I feel so sorry for those that let the fame and fortune go to their heads.  It may be easy to do but not everything worth doing is gonna be a walk in the park. This industry is like walking through a war zone and If you can’t win the individual battles you are destined to perish.  Justin Bieber is a good example I believe, he was discovered by Usher at the age of 8 and was international super-star shortly after.  Justin was told so many times that he was special and spectacular that he had to think the same.  Once you let your ego rule your conscience only bad will come.  The poor kid will never live a normal life and that is our society’s fault.  We put so much pressure on these young kids to succeed that they are bound to disappoint.  Sad state of affairs, but reality is not forgiving.

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Now that you’re well out of high school, would you like to pose for more edgy and sexual material and projects?

 Haha well, I have been shooting pretty edgy, sexual, and explicit photographs since the beginning, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Sorry, Mom. 😉

You have red hair.  Sean, how does that affect your modeling opportunities. It is a bit rare among male models, is it a positive, negative or both?

As a young grasshopper, I was tormented for the color of my hair and the pigment of my skin. “Kick A Ginger Day” was pretty popular at my school.  The funny thing is that now my hair is my saving grace.  I am proud to be a red-head and I think that is why it is advantageous for me.

Who are some photographers you would dream to shoot with?

Almost too many to name so, I will keep it brief:  Karl Lagerfeld, Bruce Weber, Steven Klein, Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, Annie Lebovitz, and many more.

You worked with photographer Tony Li. Tell us about that.

Ah Mr. Tony Li! The mythical man from the land of Tulsa, Oklahoma. At first I was reluctant to work with Tony because I would have to make the trip up to Oklahoma but, boy was I wrong.  Tony and I connected immediately upon arrival and started creating magic. The man is a damn sorcerer with a camera and lighting equipment. The photos we shot are still some of my favorites and are heavily used in a lot of my books.

Brian Jamie is so popular with models today and I know he shot you. Tell us about working with Brian.

Brian is quite a fantastic man. So full of passion, artistic expression, and pure talent. Brian is truly a master of his craft. The photographs we made are some of my most highly acclaimed. Plus, Brian has a ridiculous amount of instagram followers so when he post about me, things happen.  I can thank Brian for a majority of my following and for being a certified bad-ass.SeanGrace4

What has been the strangest thing to happen to you as a model…perhaps on a set, or a casting or a fan engagement, etc?

South Korea was full of strange happenings, but one casting stands out over the rest in my mind.  It was a casting for a phone commercial (Samsung if I remember correctly).  I arrive to a casting room with about 100 other male and female models waiting on their turn to show what they got.  However, there was a huge glass window on one side of the room so everyone could see what was happening in the casting room.  The director of the commercial was some hot-shot from Japan and he sure had some strange ideas.  While 100 of your comrades watch,  the casting director asks you to decloth and hold on to this hand sized rectangular rock.  Then, he asks you to prance around the room like a “gorilla” who has the ability to film his counterpart.  Roars of laughter would come from the waiting room as each model attempted to look natural.  Most failed.

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How would you describe your personal fashion style, Sean?

My style could be described as rocker-cowboy with class. I wear a lot vintage designer clothing because I am a huge fan of consignment/resale shops. Also, I quite the shoe fanatic, I have over 20 pairs of shoes and boots that I wear frequently. I spend way too much money on apparel, don’t follow my example if you want to stay financially stable. 😉

Who is your male modeling inspiration(s)?   

I have been told many times that I resemble Sean O’Pry and I admire his work so I would consider him an inspiration. Sadly, I do not know Mr. O’Pry personally so I look to friends for inspiration more frequently. My homie Myles Crosby is someone I look up too in this industry because one, he is an extraordinary model; two, he also produces music; and three he is an exceptional friend. Shout out Belmont Ave Entertainment and Crown Vic CGE.

Upon reflection, describe your personality.

Introspectively, I see myself as a laid back individual with tendencies to turn up. I have been described as strange, weird, and downright unusual but, hell, I’d rather be strange than boring.Contemporary Texan Sean Grace /PnV Interview

What about Sean Grace might surprise people to know?

I am a world renowned in-shower opera singer. 

Now the Flash Bulb Round…..quick responses:

–Favorite all-time:  a) action/fantasy film  b) comedy  c) tearjerker?

  1. 2001:A Space Odyssey  B) Superbad  C) Magnolia

–Most famous person whom you have met?

Leonardo DiCaprio

–The 2 exercises that you find most beneficial to you?

Incline Chest Press, TRX Band hanging leg crunch

–Favorite underwear brand & style?

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

–Favorite place you have traveled to model/vacation?

New York City

— What do you usually wear to bed?

Nothing, lol

–What political issue could make you become an activist?

Cattle production, Campaign finance laws, vaccines, lgbt rights, transgender issues,   racism, war on drugs, Defeating Isis, and the legalization of marijuana.

–Your biggest vice?


–What physical feature(s) do people compliment you on the most?Contemporary Texan Sean Grace /PnV Interview

Hair, Eyes, and Eyebrows

–Your 3 favorite musical artists (solo or group)?

Fleetwood Mac, Dr Dre, and Nirvana

What are the best ways on social media for people to reach out to you?

I am usually pretty good at responding to social media notifications. I love my fans and want them to be able to reach out to me for anything! The most promising way to reach me would be a Facebook or Instagram direct message.




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