Fitness Motivation – Dig into Australian Hunk Ethan Fittler shot by Mladen

This is happened when Mladen –globetrotter/photographer– traveled to Tasmania in 2017 and he did this outdoorsy portrait with fitness stud Ethan Fittler on a beach in Hobart, Tasmania.

Mladen always looking for the best, in touch with nature, always seeking for the best guys as well, and he loves showing off the new faces he captures.

Ethan a charming new boy, instagrammer model, who loves to be a fitness competitor –actually he’s a WBFF Fitness– who loves to cook and he loves to give you the best advice to help reach your goals.

To keep up with Ethan, check him out at:
Model: Ethan Fittler https://www.instagram.com/ethan_von_dupa/

To see more work by Mladen:
Photographer Mladen Blagojevic https://www.instagram.com/mickeymousebih/

Quick sneaky shoot with Dan Ham by Mladen Blagojevic

Chasing the sun Rodrigo photographed by Mladen for a hot comeback

This is what happened when Ernest meets Mladen

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  1. Gordon Harris

    Ethan Fittler is handsomely photographed by Mladen. Ethan is handsome and very well built without looking like a steroid user.
    Thanks & Hugs, Gordon

  2. Oh My Gawd, at first I said oh, another Body builder.. But, now that I taken a second and third look, HOT Damn. .. I’m in Lust. Them Thunder Thighs are Amazing, I’d love to Rumble with Daniel and I’m not talking about WWF …

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    At a Glance you’ll miss it, take a closer look, he’s the deal the real Deal… Sexy Thunder Thighs from down under and we ain’t talking Chicken Thighs

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