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Nick Scherner

Interviewer Chris Chase @PnVMaleModelHQ

In 2015 I was lucky enough to get to know a wonderful guy, Casey Jackson, as he became one our Feature Models. During that time I was also able to meet a key member of his team and his manager Lydia Brock. After Casey’s feature and his skyrocketing success she came to me and said “I’ve got this new guy that is definitely PnV style, his name is Nick Scherner. As I did my research I learned that she was definitely right. Nick has one of those unforgettable faces and like Casey before him, I’m sure big things are in his future! Nick was nice enough to sit down with me for a quick interview. The entire team is involved in this presentation. Kimberly Capriotti supplied the amazing photos and Lydia Brock put together the video.Fresh Face Alert is Nick Scherner a PnV Network interview shot by Kimberly Capriotti.

Chris Chase: Nick I know you’re a busy guy having just finished your school year. I know the summer is chock full of opportunity and I appreciate your time. Let’s get started with just your basic stats.

Fresh Face Alert is Nick Scherner a PnV Network interview shot by Kimberly Capriotti.Nick Scherner: Absolutely Chris! Thanks for the opportunity.

Height: 6’1.5”

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Bday: May 1st

Hometown: Columbus, OH

CC: We love those humble Midwest guys! I know growing up we all had heroes. Who’s your childhood hero?

Fresh Face Alert is Nick Scherner a PnV Network interview shot by Kimberly Capriotti.NS:  I’d have to say Batman!

CC: The caped crusader was my favorite too. How  long have you been in the business and what drove you to be a model?

NS: I’ve been in the business for about 1 year . Lydia reached out to me and  I really didn’t know much about modeling until she approached me. The rest is history so to speak. Lol

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CC: Well you certainly are part of an amazing team! What are your long term aspirations?

NS: HMMM…Long term I plan to be the CFO of a business.

Fresh Face Alert is Nick Scherner a PnV Network interview shot by Kimberly Capriotti.CC: Well that’s a great goal! If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?

NS: Well I would just continue to focus on school and the future.

CC: Like all models staying in tip top shape is imperative. What does your workout routine look like?Fresh Face Alert is Nick Scherner a PnV Network interview shot by Kimberly Capriotti.

NS: I work out 4-6 times a week focusing on each muscle group.

CC: So what is a perfect day for Nick?

NS: A perfect day would consist of playing soccer, watching a movie, eating a lot of food, and sleeping. Lol

CC: What’s your favorite cheat food?

NS: Pop tarts!

CC: I LOVE the maple brown sugar Pop Tarts! What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?Nick Scherner by Kimberly Capriotti (4)

NS: In my spare time I love playing soccer and sleeping.

CC: Sleeping is definitely one of my favorite things to do! Give me a rundown of your favorites.

NS: Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite Movie: The Imitation Game

Favorite music: Hip Hop

Favorite Sports Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

CC: The Office is my favorite show too! If I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?Nick Scherner by Kimberly Capriotti (5)

NS: They would say I  am very outgoing and personable!

CC: Give me one word to describe yourself and tell me why.Nick Scherner by Kimberly Capriotti (6)

NS: Honest, the truth is always important even if it isn’t what people want to hear.

CC: Amen! Who inspires you?

NS: My grandmother inspires me for sure!

CC: So in five years Nick Scherner …?

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NS: In 5 years hopefully I’ll be successful and living in a big city like Chicago!

CC: Finally, Tell me something few people know about you.

NS: Something people don’t know is that I enjoy spending time alone. Lol

Chris Chase: That’s what I’d say! Sometimes there’s nothing better than time to yourself to recharge! Thanks again Nick for your time.Nick Scherner by Kimberly Capriotti (7)

Model: Nick Scherner

Instagram: @nickscherner

Agent/Scout: Lydia Brock

Instagram: @lydiabrock

Photographer: Kimberly Capriotti

Instagram: @kimbercapriotti

  1. Oh Yeah, Tall, Tan and Handsome, likes to spend time alone… not if I was around, I’d keep him real busy

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