OAMC Spring/Summer 2017 Paris

Starting a brand this day in age is a tough task, but starting a successful menswear brand is almost an impossible task when you consider the multitude of longstanding labels of indisputable heritage. Entities such as Gucci, Lanvin and more have dominated the market to the point where they have become synonymous to what consumers think of when “menswear” is mentioned. We see new brands try to make a statement and compete in the oversaturated industry every day but few make it and even fewer can keep up with the well-established powerhouses that arguably pave the way of trends that filter down to the high streets. Therefore, when OAMC launched in 2013, they approached fashion differently, breaking down the uncomfortable, as well as the pretentious feeling many consumers have with luxury menswear. In just three short years, OAMC has been the brand to watch as it steadily solidifies its place alongside brands such as Dries Van Noten and Thom Browne. Most recently, it was even nominated for the prestigious 2016 ANDAM Grand Prix award, which says a lot when you consider the pedigree of the other nominations. We caught up with Luke Meier (who created the brand with Arnaud Faeh) and delved into how a brand can break into the gated menswear community. “I believe that OAMC presents something different, however, and I would go so far as to say that we’re able to do more things in an authentic way than some of the traditional menswear brands, and I’m proud of that,” says Meier.

Excerpt from hypebeats.com

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  1. Love the lettered print on that ochre sarong. Great for spring and fall wear. It could double as a cloak when the temperature drops in the evening. Quite practical yet also stylish!

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